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About Forces Of Evil

Forces of Evil is a semi-casual raid guild on Skyfire. Our raid times are 8:45pm to Midnight EST, Sunday through Wednesday. We are constantly striving to better ourselves and clear current raid content. 

To put in an application for our Original Raid Force please click >>HERE<<. Exceptional players will be considered even if the position is full. If you are coming from Skyfire, we realize your gear may not be up to par; we prefer players who have an ability to learn and grow.

News Feed

Expansion cleared and flawlessed!

Tiger/Treblee - 431 days ago

FoE Emperor Flawless!

Second Guild to Flawless Plane of War

Bigstomps - 687 days ago

Congratulations FOE on being the second guild to earn the flawless achievement in Plane of War Fabled!

Bigstomps - 986 days ago

Grats FOE on killing King Tormax. XPACK Clear =D

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